Wembley sales and marketing suite kitchen

This Flash project was designed for St. Modwen's Sales and Marketing Suite, and illlustrates to potential property buyers what their new kitchen will look like, depending on the colour schemes they choose. It was created to use both on St. Modwen's Wembley Central web microsite and on their touchscreen displays on location.

This Flash AS3 file links to an external xml gallery file, ensuring that the gallery can be repeatedly used by substituting the file names of the images required - the source can be viewed by clicking the "Download files" link below

Wembley sales and marketing suite desk

This Flash project was designed to visualise the design and colour schemes for the sales desks in St. Modwen's Sales and Marketing Suite for Wembley Central and was elemental in persuading the client to order our company's desk design.

It uses the same AS3 scripting as the kitchen project, illustrating the flexiblility and re-usability of the coding,and only file names and quantities in the xml file need to be changed in order to use the gallery template.

Gear box - ATT e-learning content

This is the latest content screen provided to ATT. Time and budget were minimal, so the best looking gearbox and Flash screen had to be provided within one day, with the only reference being a couple of mouldy ultra-low resolution scans. The gearbox was created in Illustrator, and very basic interactivity was added.

The sound has yet to be added to this screen, but the Flash part of the mission was accomplished within budget!


360° 'virtual' walkaround

This app was developed in order to showcase 3D models, however it ended up being used numerous times at Automotive Technician Training, where it boosted the interactive experience by allowing the user to have a 360 degree view of various car components (see Starter Motor Flash screens).

This old AS2 project uses clip events (for shame!) to determine which frame of a video or animation to show in relation to the x position of the mouse. It is fully adaptable and scalable to any animation.

SportingBet banner ads

The two banner ads included here were part of a tender to win a contract with this international online gambling company, the only brief being that all animation must be coded in AS2 and the file size must be under 32k. Both of these guidelines were met , and the dynamic coding enables adding different graphics and changing the file dimensions to meet any requirements, without any change in file size/performance.

To view the code and discuss its possible implementation in your advertising campaign please get in touch via the contact page.

Bupa banner ad campaign

Break the Grid provided these animations with the desire to make them loop a certain amount of times to conform to ISP and advertisers' guidelines.

A series of timeline-animated movies were presented, in movies within movies within movies etc. The work was to tidy up this maze and to get each movie communicating with the other movies in a way that synchronised them and gave them a dynamically decided loop count to cater for different user's requirements.

Starter Motor - ATT e-learning screens

These are some of the content screens developed for ATT (Automotive Training Technology). The screens are usually held within an an interface, but they have been taken them from their native environment and placed in an Flash MVC (Model View Controller) interface for ease of viewing.

The AS3 source code for the MVC can be viewed by clicking the download button below, and the screens (just nine of over five thousand) can be viewed in their original context if you request a CD ROM via the contact page.